Naked before God

The Great reformer Martin Luther was asked when he came to faith. His response was that it was while he was on the toilet.

Luther was not averting to crudeness, so it’s quite possible that this was the actual location (thanks for that Image , Martin).

But scholars generally agree that he was using a metaphor for humility, one popular in the Middle Ages:”sitting on the toilet.”

And if you think about it, it’s a darn good metaphor for humility, for there is ever a time or place where you are completely humbled, it is sitting on the toilet. There are no pretenses, no facades, no pride, no image management. Just you, simply you (have you tried it?) acknowledging that without Him in our lives, we are and we can’t do anything.

The toilet is ground zero for humanity; at that moment you really are what you are.

On a regular basis we believe it’s important to visit that restroom and strip yourself naked before God. What i’m describing is not simply confession of sin but also an acknowledgement of your weaknesses, you hidden motivations, fears , insecurities, comparisons, arrogant thoughts and ugliest fantasies.

Lay the whole mess before God declaring, “This is who I am, God.” Taking an hour or two, we can pull away somewhere and just lay ourself naked before Him. And when we’re done, thank Him for His love and mercy in Jesus Christ (whose blood has washed aways our sins) and thank Him for fully accepting us in light of whoever we are.

Oh! How Great is our God, His love so amazing!


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