Confidence in the Bible as the Word of God


You’re trying to read God’s word everyday.
Sometimes you’re highly motivated to read it,
Or sometimes you’re struggling to complete your assigned chapters in your bible reading plan. Let me share to you some excerpts from John Bunyan’s book.

Bunyan’s suffering deepened in him a confidence in the Bible as the Word of God and a passion for Bible memory and Biblical exposition as the key to perseverance.

If “living upon God that is invisible” is the key to suffering rightly, what is the key to living upon God? Bunyan’s answer is: to lay hold on Christ through the Word of God, the Bible. Prison proved for Bunyan to be a hallowed place of communion with God because his suffering unlocked the Word and the deepest fellowship with Christ he had ever known.

”I never had in all my life so great an inlet into the Word of God as now [in prison]. Those scriptures that I saw nothing in before were made in this place and state to shine upon me. Jesus Christ also was never more real and apparent than now. Here I have seen him and felt him indeed. . . I have had sweet sights of the forgiveness of my sins in this place, and of my being with Jesus in another world. . . I have seen that here that I am persuaded I shall never, while in this world, be able to express.

Charles Spurgeon put it like this: “He had studied our Authorized Version . . . till his whole being was saturated with Scripture; and though his writings . . . continually make us feel and say, ‘Why, this man is a living Bible!’ Prick him anywhere; and you will find that his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak with out quoting a text, for his soul is full of the Word of God.”

Lord, may our hearts, our minds and soul always be filled and overflow with God’s word bearing fruit for your name’s sake.


3 thoughts on “Confidence in the Bible as the Word of God

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  2. La Biblia es el unico estandart por el cual podemos regir nuestras vidas y es mas es la unica explicacion logica para algunos misterios de la vida a los cuales no se les puede encontrar razon sino en las palabras de la Biblia.

  3. Thanks Vida y Salud,

    “The Bible is the only standard by which we govern our lives and it is the only explanation logical for some mysteries of life to which cannot find them reason but in the words of the Bible.” I strongly agree with you. Loving God’s word more! =)


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