The Holy Spirit, He is the One!

The Holy Spirit is very real, very accessible gift to be opened by every Christ-follower.
John 16:13 promises that the Holy Spirit always will guide us down the best path, if only we will listen to His promptings.

The Holy Spirit will give us God’s mind on every matter when we are uncertain of our decision makings.

Holy-Spirit-Pic      The longer I serve as a church minister, the more I need to depend on His ministry and His whisper, I realized.

Not just in crucial and big decision-makings, but also – and especially-for day-by-day encouragement, guidance, and wisdom in all aspects of my life and my leadership.

In order to be fruitful and effective as a minister,  I’m starting to realize, it takes more than human – crafted laws or steps to be one. The role of the Scripture and if the Holy Spirit can never be overestimated.


I often hear it from my pastors, but I wouldn’t forget what Pastor Juray Mora once shared in our Victory Metro Manila Staff Meeting,  “When you have face-to-face issues, problems, or confrontations with others, it’s all different when you’ve first been face-to-face with God.”

Holy-Spirit-2This post is more of a reminder that the the Holy is real. He’s the One who will stand beside you at all times.

The One who guides and gives strength to the weak. Most of the times, the Holy Spirit would also speak through my wife, to warn us of pitfalls and whispers of our need of repentance, refreshing when you grow weary… that’s the Holy Spirit.

The One who reminds you that you are a treasured child of the most high God.


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