There must be a Master Creator!

I was reading a book about Modern Physics a few nights ago when I thought of writing blog again. And so I thought it would be good to share about one interesting lesson I’ve learned recently.

The Anthropic Principle, it is said to be the law of human existence. The Anthropic principle says that the universe appears “designed” for the sake of human life. (I know It could get geeky but just keep reading.)

Here’s what I Dr. Hugh Ross mentioned in his book “Reason to Believe”.
“More than a century of astronomy and physics research yields this unexpected observation: the emergence of humans and human civilization requires physical constants, laws, and properties that fall within certain narrow ranges—and this truth applies not only to the cosmos as a whole but also to the galaxy, planetary system, and planet humans occupy.”

Now that’s a definition. What this principle basically wants to say to us is that… when we look at the world around us, it would reveal that the universe was somehow designed to support and nourish human life. I don’t know about you, but for that’s very encouraging to hear from a man of science. Experts couldn’t deny this supernatural phenomenon.

Here are a few hard facts I’m so excited to share with you:

  • Raise or lower the universe’s rate of expansion even with a very small fraction, example one in a million, and it would have ruled out the possibility of life.
  • If the average distance between the stars were…
    • any greater, earth (and other planets) would not have been formed;
    • any smaller, the planetary orbits (which is very important for life), would not have occurred.
  • If the ratio of carbon to to oxygen had been slightly different than it is, none of us would have been here to breathe the air (sigh of relief).
  • Change the tilt of the earth’s axis slightly in one direction, and we would freeze or we’d burn up.
  • Lastly, if the earth had been closer or further from the sun, or just a little bit larger or smaller, or if it rotated at a speed any different from the one we’re spinning at right now. Given any of these changes, the resulting temperature variations would be completely fatal.

Now that’s mind-blowing! The lesson we can draw from this is this: Someone must have gone to a lot of effort to make things just right so that you and I could be here to enjoy life. How can you believe that it was all accident, a result of random collisions?

“God does not play dice with the universe”. – Albert Eistein

Modern science points us to the fact that we must really matter to God! This tells me that the earth, all other planets, and the entire universe has a Master Creator. The God of wonders who is beyond our galaxy, even the universe declares of his majesty, power and greatness thought of smallest details in all His creation in order for us to live. Knowing that could create in us a sense or awe and gratitude. All we can say is “God is great” and it is still an understatement.


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