China Missions Trip

It was indeed a privilege that we get to encourage our churches in Asia. We were able to minister at their Sunday Services, Leaders Trainings and Victory Weekend and contribute in their Strategic Meetings and Staff Meetings. ]]

God reminded us that we can accomplish more, learn faster and get stronger as a ministry as we continue to partner together and embrace the value of collaboration and unity.

Thank you for partnering with us in reaching the nations.


One thought on “China Missions Trip

  1. If you come here and try to preach any form of denominationalism you can be in trouble with the law. I have taught Bible stories in the HighSchools but always refrained from denominationalism. We all know that this is the biggest cause of disunity among Christians anyway. I have been here for almost ten years and have seen incredible things God is doing. My wife is Chinese, and she has no fear of speaking about the Lord, in fact, our medical doctor at the hospital keeps a bible on her desk for all to see. When you hear something bad, it is isolated, and the individuals were breaking the law.

    There are many Christian churches in China than many Americans know about, as I said we only hear the bad news.

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